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Westlaw Japan holds Premium Online Seminar
Seminar co-hosted by TMI Associates & Westlaw Japan

Learn it online. The enactment of the 2020 Revision of Personal Information Protection Law is around corner! The key points of the revisions that we must know and their impact on business will be explained. *The revised law may be in effect at the time of the seminar.

Lecturer: TMI Associates, Lawyer, Kazuyasu Shiraishi / Yuto Noro / Yuto Kakiyama

t Westlaw Japan K.K. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yong Son Bang) will jointly hold a premium online seminar titled “Learn it online: The enactment of the 2020 Revision of Personal Information Protection Law is around corner! The key points of the revisions that we must know and their impact on business will be explained” with TMI Associates on July 21st, Tuesday.
For many businesses such as B to C businesses, B to B business but utilize data, and businesses that are concerned about managing personal information of employees, the enactment of the revised Personal Information Protection Law, which has been attracting our attention, has entered the countdown stage. If the deliberations proceed as planned, the revised law is expected to be enacted during the current ordinary Diet session (scheduled until June 17, 2020). This revision includes various amendments such as the introduction of regulations on providing “personal information” (such as history of the Internet user activities linked to cookies) to third parties, the creation of “anonymized information” for promoting its utilization, the increase of penalty for corporations (penalty of less than 100 million yen), the expansion of situations in which a person can request suspension of use and/or deletion, the new establishment of regulations that enable disclosure of retained personal data in electronic format, and the mandatory reporting to the Personal Information Protection Committee and notification of the person concerned in case of information leakage. However, it is difficult to imagine exactly how the business will be affected by the revision such as how the business operation should be changed, whether the internal structure needs to be changed, and whether the usability may be improved in terms of utilization.
In this seminar, the main points of the revision will be explained by showing the differences before and after the revision in an easy-to-understand manner and think about the practical impact in details as much as possible. We hope that this seminar will serve as the first step toward compliance with the revised Personal Information Protection Law. Regarding the specific responses, we would like to provide detailed information in the second seminar when the ordinances and rules that will be revised from here forward were announced, and the guidelines were formulated and revised.
This is a great opportunity for you to sort out the main points of the revised Personal Information Protection Law all at once, so please join us.

Date and Time July 21st, 2020, Tuesday, 14:00~17:00
Seminar Format It is a live webcast seminar (WEB online seminar) online. It can be accessed from any places where there is the Internet access such as in office or at home. After receiving your application, we will send you the URL for viewing the seminar with information on how to access it before the seminar.
How to Apply Please go to the following link to access the special website for the seminar and apply by submitting the application form from the website.
14: 00-14: 50 Part 1: Introduction (Situation surrounding personal information and direction of the amended law)
Points of revision on personal information disclosure request and practical responses
14: 50-15: 00 Break
15: 00-15: 50 Part 2: Points of revision on business responsibilities and penalties and practical responses
Points of revision on extraterritorial application and practical responses
15: 50-16: 00 Break
16: 00-16: 50 Part 3: Points on revision on regulations related to data utilization (anonymized information /
information related to individuals and practical responses
16: 50-17: 00 Q&A
Application Fee Apply before July 10th, 2020, Friday – 10,000 yen (tax included)
Apply after July 11th, 2020, Saturday – 20,000 yen (tax included)

The following special gifts will be included in this seminar.
1. Westlaw Japan Unlimited Free Trial
2. Special novelty

Please see here for the detail: https://www.westlawjapan.com/event/premium/200721.html

Introduction of Lecturer
TMI Associates
Kazuyasu Shiraish, Laywer

He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University in 1996. He passed the judicial scrivener examination in 1998 and registered as a lawyer in 2003. He is a member of the Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association Secretariat of the Information Disclosure and Personal Information Protection Committee. He graduated from Washington University Law School (Intellectual Property Law Course) in 2013. From September 2013 to May 2014, he was trained at Dorsey & Whitney LLP and Bracewell LLP in Seattle, Washington. From July 2014 to March 2015, he was in charge of supporting overseas expansion of Japanese companies and overseas expansion projects of legal professionals at the Economic Affairs Bureau Policy Division (Japanese Business Support Office) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a member of the Information Network Law Association and a former member of the Japanese Bankers Association Open API Promotion Study Group. He passed the Grade 1 unmanned aerial worker examination (Drone Certification). He is a partner lawyer at TMI Associates since January 2016. He also has more than five years of experience working abroad at a major telecommunications company. He handles a wide range of fields: response to domestic and international disputes; IT, information, and communication related laws including Personal Information Protection Laws and laws related to cyber (information) security; consumer-related laws such as the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations; general corporate affairs including contract legal affairs; risk management; M&A; and legal affairs related to labor.

Yuto Noro, Lawyer
He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Tohoku University in 2011, completed the University of Tokyo Law School in 2013, and registered as a lawyer in 2014. He was an instructor for undergraduates at the University of Tokyo Law School until 2017. Before and after the 2015 revision of Personal Information Protection Law came into effect, he was seconded to the Secretariat of the Personal Information Protection Committee (until 2018). He is a member of the Information Network Law Association, the Information Processing Society of Japan, and Law and Computers Association of Japan. He handles fields of work related to Personal Information Protection Law, privacy, and intellectual property law. He also provides consultation on international data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Yuto Kakiyama, Lawyer
He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University in 2017 and registered as a lawyer in 2018. He works at TMI Associates and engages in legal services focusing on general corporate legal affairs, including legal advice regarding personal information protection law and data utilization, contract legal affairs including legislation related to cyber (information) security, and dispute cases including litigation and preservation.

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